DesertGate Internet Broadband, high speed internet access

is now available through wireless technology in Las Vegas, New Mexico! Blazing speeds makes it the fastest broadband internet available...period! Easy to use, very reliable, no phone lines or internet accounts needed, and it's more available than DSL! Desertgate is Noth eastern New Mexico's Premiere Wireless Internet Service Provider. Join now and find out why we're number one!

business use

WISP for BusinessFor as low as $60 month you can have the fastest, most professional internet connection in town!

This is a monitored, private network specifically designed for business. It has six layers of security and is symmetrical, meaning your uploads are as fast as your downloads (unlike DSL).

External IP addresses are available as well as firewall and proxy services..

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Why Choose Wireless?

Solid security, affordable pricing and local support make us your best choice for broadband internet!

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Personal Use

Wireless internet for Home UsePlans startting at $40/mo

Your speed will be 5-25X faster than dail-up connections with wireless internet!

FREE programming of Subscriber module

Install fee and Contract required, secured by credit card Signup online or at Genesys Computers/Desertgate on Bridge Street.

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